I Still Miss Theresa Benoit 


After half a decade in Europe as frontman for the mercurial Brittsommar, Sawyer returned to the United States to begin a new project under a new name.


In Oakland, California, he found his way into the then thriving DIY music scene, where he met Travis Snyder (pedal steel), Chris Clayman (bass), and Tim Decillis (drums). The band began to reimagine the formerly folk inspired songs into a new sound.

Eskota is the band’s first release, which sprang from a recording session in a ghost town east of Dallas. Having only brought a guitar and a microphone, the album was a send-off for the former guitar-based folk project .

The following year, Catch Prichard released two singles, “Don’t Want It” and “The Alleyway”. Both tunes showcase the group’s changing style through the arrangement of acoustic, electronic, and ambient driven arrangements.


With 2019’s release of Utter Disbelief dives deeper into this growth with Sawyer's weighty baritone voice, classic drum machine rhythms, gritty Mellotron, and gliding pad melodies. It is an album that resonates at the emotional frequency of Popol Vuh's Aguirre and Cohen's Ten New Songs.


Catch Prichard’s newest album, I Still Miss Theresa Benoit, is their most expansive album to date as they weave the musical and literary themes that have influenced the band's career.


I Still Miss Theresa Benoit is also a product of the 2020 Pandemic. Recorded the weekend before San Francisco became the first American city to go into lockdown, Sawyer fell sick from Covid-19. The symptoms still relatively unknown, his voice had changed and he struggled for breath. The band debated re-recording Sawyer’s vocals once he recovered, but just as the virus had reshaped the world, so had the album been reshaped by the virus. I Still Miss Theresa Benoit is our broadcast from a changing world. 

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